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Guest Professor Irene Padavic will be at the department between 5-15 th September

Irene Padavic

The Department of Gender Studies welcomes our new Guest Professor Irene Padavic, Mildred and Claude Pepper Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Florida State University, USA.

Professor Padavic will give guet lectures and present ongoing projects related to her research on gender, class, race and work. Some of her latest publications include: 


Together with J. Fiorito & P. DiOrentiis: Reconsidering Union Activism and its Meaning, published in British Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 53, 2015.  

Together with A. Jacobs: Hours, Scheduling, and Flexibility for Women in the U.S. Low-Wage Labor Force, in Gender, Work and Organization, vol. 22, 2015. 

Together with J. Sumerau and D. Schrock: "Little girls unwilling to do what's best for them": Resurrecting Patriarchy in an LGBT Christian Church, in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, vol. 44, 2015. 

Together with J. Butterfield: The Impact of Legal Inequality on Relational Power in Planned Lesbian Families, in Gender & Society, vol. 28, 2014. 


Please contact Rebecca Selberg for more information on Professor Padavic's stay at the department!