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Gender studies: Crisis - Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 6 credits


The course provides an insight into how crises disrupt lives, livelihoods, and societies. Focusing on the socio-economic inequalities of crisis, the course unravels crisis impacts on human rights as well as Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). The course sheds light on the building of social resilience through crisis mitigation and coping strategies. Through critical dialogue with crisis scholarship, the course introduces analytical tools for the examination of crisis powers, politics, precariousness, and potentialities. The course offers insights into how crisis experiences, realities, and policies are configured in local and global contexts due to factors such as gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, and class. 

This is an interdisciplinary course that includes a variety of disciplinary angles to provide an overview of different theoretical, empirical, and methodological aspects of crisis.Participants are introduced to themes such as crisis & climate, crisis & labour, crisis & technology, crisis & care, and crisis & conflict zones. The course is open for all but especially directed towards professionals working in Swedish national and international organizations mandated with addressing the effects and aftermath of crisis or crisis mitigation and prevention. 


Josefin Larsson
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Maria Persson
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