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Forskarutbildning i genusvetenskap vid Lunds universitet startade under höstterminen 2006 då de första doktorandtjänsterna tillsattes. Forskarutbildningen omfattar 240 högskolepoäng (motsvarande fyra års studier) och avslutas med att doktoranden vid en offentlig disputation försvarar sin tryckta doktorsavhandling. Fil.lic.-examen omfattar 120 högskolepoäng och avslutas med en licentiatavhandling, som ventileras vid ett offentligt seminarium.

detaljbild av studiemiljö

Research education at the Department of Gender Studies began in 2006. The Ph.D.Education Programme is headed by Professor Diana Mulinari and several members of the academic staff  act supervisors and examiners for the programme. Information about the department’s doctoral students is available under individual staff pages  link

Admission: Applications to the programme are not currently being accepted.   

How to apply

Ph.D.  positions at Gender Studies are only announced when the department is able to offer the funding as required by Swedish university regulations. Positions and admission is only announced at these times. When the positions are available within the Ph.D. programme, these will be announced on this homepage and on the Lund University web page:

To be eligible (behörig) for our PhD program in Gender Studies, one needs to have at minimum a bachelors degree and a one year master degree (advanced level) in gender studies or the equivalent  knowledge. The degree should include a paper (Diploma work/thesis) presenting the results of independent research. In general, admission is based on the student’s estimated ability to complete the program successfully.

When PhD positions become open, there will be more detailed instructions regarding the application process available. If you would like to receive an announcement when positions are available please send your contact information to: Frida [dot] Mebius_Onnerfors [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

More information on available positions


Diana Mulinari, professor
Ansvarig för forskarutbildningen

Tel. +46 46 222 97 04

diana [dot] mulinari [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Frida Mebius Önnerfors

Tel. +46 46 222 97 78

frida [dot] mebius_onnerfors [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

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