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Marco Bacio

MA, PhD Student

Background: I have a BA in Organisation and Human Resource Management (University of Milan, Italy) and a European Master in Labour Studies (University of Milan and University of Warwick, UK). Now, I am a doctoral student in a double PhD program between the Department of Social and Political Sciences (Milan) and the Department of Gender Studies here in Lund. My wider research interests include homosexuality, sexuality and sex work, gender differences and inequalities, and cultural studies; previous research interests included: sociology of labour, industrial relations, trade unions.

Current Research: My PhD project looks at the phenomenon of male sex workers, with a specific focus on homosexuality. I analyse the so-called supply side, male sex workers that live and work in Stockholm and Milan. I use in-depth interviews in order to understand better a phenomenon that is still hidden in the sex work literature. Below in this page, it is possibile to find the abstract of my PhD project.

Teaching Interests: My main teaching interests are connected to sociology, with a particular attention on gender studies and homosexuality. In Milan, I am teaching assistant in undergraduate courses of Sociology and Sociology of Culture.

Academic Associations and Networks: Since 2011 member of the Centre for Women and Gender Differences of the University of Milan (in 2015 it became GENDERS - Centre for Gender & Equality in Research and Sience). Since 2013 member of AIS – Associazione Italiana di Sociologia (Italian Sociological Association) and member of the Gender Studies section. Since 2013 member of the P&L Net (Politics and Labour Network). Since 2015 PhD representative for the Department of Gender Studies in the Board of InterGender - Consortium and Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.


Bacio, M. (2015), Varietà delle forme di rappresentanza di cittadini e lavoratori: verso un’analisi internazionale e comparata, in F. Pirro and E. Pugliese (eds), Rappresentare i non Rappresentati, Roma: Ediesse, pp. 63-78, with B. Beccalli and G. Meardi.

Bacio, M. (2014), Women and Trade Unions, a relationship in crisis? History and developments in Italy”, IREC – Industrial Relations in Europe Conference, Dublin 10-12 September 2014, Eurofound, with B. Beccalli, unpublished.

Bacio, M. (2014), Varieties of Representation. Vecchie e nuove sfide dei sindacati in Italia, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan, master’s dissertation.

Bacio, M. (2014), Varietà delle forme di rappresentanza di cittadini e lavoratori: verso un’analisi internazionale e comparata, Quaderni di Rassegna Sindacale – Lavori, 15, 1, pp. 11-25, with B. Beccalli and G. Meardi.


PhD Project: Male Sex Workers. A comparative study of a fringe phenomenon in Italy and Sweden.

Abstract: This research aims at mapping ans analysing of male sex workers (specifically men that sell sex to other men, M2M or M$M) in Italy and Sweden. If female sex work has been studied from different scholars worldwide, a lack of attention exists on the male side of the phenomenon. This gap in the academic literatue mirrors a more general 'invisibility' of the issue also in other domains - politics (governments and public institutions), press and public opinion. Why should men in XXI century still be willing to pay for sexual encounter, when sex among gay people appears so easily and freely accessible? The research points, first of all, at answerinf this complicated question and at grasping the different sides of the phenomenon through a qualitative methodology. In-depth interviews with sex workers (the so-called supply side) will be carried on in Milan and Stockholm together with an online ethnography, since the phenomenon of male sex workers is strongly related to the use of internet. The research focuses, in particular, on the issue of identity and the 'identification', self-labelling problems of both sex workers and clients. The project then looks at the working conditions of sex workers and at the services provided to their clients. A futher gap in most studies, indeed, relates to the analysis of sex work as an actual work. Being a comparative research, much attention will be paid to the different legislation that exists in Italy (abolitionist country) and Sweden (neo-prohibitionist country) and on the effects of existing provisions on sex workers.

Sources of Funding: Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan (Italy) and Department of Gender Studies, Lund University (Sweden).


Marco Bacio
E-post: marco [dot] bacio [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se


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