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Diana Mulinari

Diana Mulinari

Forskarutbildningsansvarig | Professor

Diana Mulinari

Feminist Interventions in Discourse on Gender and Development: Some Swedish Contributions


  • Sara Goodman
  • Diana Mulinari

Summary, in English

This book is the result of a conference, "Gender and Development - New Theories and Discourses: Theorizing Gender Continuity and Change in the Interface between Local Societies and Global Economic Transformation, held in 1993 with of thirty feminist researchers active in Swedish Universities. This book explores gendered relations of power and their consequences: inequalities. Starting with the materiality of women's lives and women's forms of resistance globally and locally, this collection of articles includes a broad range of disciplines and covers different geographical areas: Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. A concern for documenting women's lives, conditions, struggles and dreams as well as an exploration of the complex interaction between gender and power, unifies this collection. The authors have frame their analyses in women's everyday life and are particularly concerned with developing theories and analytical categories that can name and grasp these experiences.

Our hope is that gender as an analytical category will be incorporated into development theory and that gender will be understood as a central and constitutive element of social relations worldwide. Similarly, this book emphasizes the interconnection of relations of gender to other forms of domination and seeks to contribute to the process of moving Third World women's studies from the margins to the center of feminist thinking and feminist theorizing.


  • Genusvetenskapliga institutionen






Lund studies in sociology




Department of Sociology, Lund University


  • Gender Studies


  • Africa
  • feminism
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • global studies
  • third world
  • globalization
  • globalisation
  • social science theory
  • feminist
  • Gender
  • development theory




  • ISBN: 91-89078-51-9