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Bortom rasism: etnografier om antirasism och att leva tillsammans

Head of the Project: Diana Mulinari. In collaboration with Hansalbin Sältenberg (Lunds University); Anders Neergaard (REMESO, Linköping University); Karin (REMESO, Linköping University).
Financed by VR (Swedish Research Council)

The aim of the project is to explore antiracist ideas, practices and strategies, focusing on women and migrants doing antiracism and everyday practices of conviviality. Methodologically the project is inspired by institutional ethnography, extended case method and ‘What’s the problem represented to be’ (WPR). In-depth, focus group interviews and participant observation will be carried in two major and two rural municipalities, where 5 different organizations/networks will be studied (human rights, migrant; antiracist, feminists and religious). participant observations. The project will provide knowledge on the elusive concept and practice of antiracism as well as new forms of conviviality in multicultural societies, with particular focus on the role of women and migrants/ethnic minorities.