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The Department of Gender Studies is a small and dynamic department that has expanded and developed its research profile since 1978. It has played a central role at Lund University in moving gender analysis from the margins in most disciplines to the centre of social and cultural analysis. The Department has also functioned as a central arena for the creation and institutionalisation of networks for scholars in the field of Gender Studies as well as for the interaction between the academic community and civil society.

The research and teaching profile at the Department of Gender Studies is based on the notion that social and cultural processes always are gendered, as well as on the understanding that gender is intersectionally connected to other social categories, such as class, ‘race’/ethnicity, sexuality, disability and age.

Teaching at the Department of Gender Studies is based on research and the teaching staff is well connected with local, national and international research networks. Gender Studies is by definition a postdisciplinary field of research. The scholarly community at the Centre comes from different disciplinary backgrounds, and believes that scholarly knowledge always develops and flourishes at postdisciplinary intersections of diverse empirical material, theories and perspectives.

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