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(SASA16) Gender, Social Change and Modernity in Sweden/Scandinavia


The aim of the course is to provide the student with basic knowledge about gender, social change and modernity in Sweden/Scandinavia, covering the period from late 1800 up to the 1950s as well as to present the development of some theoretical debates within this field.

The course explores key Scandinavian political, social, feminist and literary texts in relation to gender, and analyses early movements for women’s rights in relation to the development within the labour movement. Research regarding women’s rights, changes in work and family, the transition from agricultural society to industrial society and the emergence of the welfare state will be presented. Central issues in the Scandinavian women’s movement and in Scandinavian gender and sexuality relations will be compared with in-ternational developments.

The course is mainly intended for guest students who wish to acquire knowledge of the Swedish/Scandinavian societies from a gender per-spective but it is of course also open for regular students at Lund University.

The course runs every term. It is a parttime course during the first half of the term.

Fall term 2014

A complete schedule and information about the introduction meeting will soon be available.

Link to schedule, fall semester 2014


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